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Weather Policy

Please become familiar with this policy so that you understand what to expect when weather conditions might interfere with the playing of soccer games. PYSC is using SMS messaging through SportsConnect for league related text messages and e-mails, including game cancellations. If there is no notice of cancellation, regardless of the weather, please show up at the field and expect a game. Soccer is played in the rain and in wet conditions. If a game is canceled it will NOT be made up.

NOTE: This weather policy is for PYSC ages 4-11 years old.  THIS POLICY DOES NOT APPLY TO BAY LAKES TEAMS (age 12-18). Please see the Bay Lakes weather policy for more information.

Please do not rely on the website or Facebook for game cancellation information. Updates to the website are only available as the webmasters availability permits.

Following are condition specific criteria for cancellations: 

Extreme Heat

When the temperature is above 90°F and the heat index is above 1OO°F, the early matches should be cancelled for the 4-11 year olds. Later matches should incorporate longer breaks or more frequent breaks (i.e. water breaks half way through each quarter, or halves/quarters should be shortened). Plenty of fluids should be available

Extreme Cold

When the temperature drops below 30°F and the wind chill index indicates a temperature below O°F, the match should be cancelled.

Severe Weather

In the event of a storm, play must be stopped and suspended until the danger has passed using the following minimum criteria.
a) At the sight of lightning or the sound of thunder, play must be stopped and the game suspended.
b) Play shall not be resumed prior to 30 minutes after the last sighting of lightning or the last sound of thunder heard.
c) Determination will be made by the PYSC Field Marshal on duty -referees are to consult
with the Field Marshal before a decision is made.
It is very important that once a game has been suspended for severe weather, the fields must be evacuated immediately. If unforeseen severe weather occurs, the Pulaski Middle School will be opened as an emergency shelter.

Wet Weather

Due to poor field conditions from extended wet weather, the Pulaski School District may cancel matches for the day(s) or week(s), depending upon the conditions of the fields. PYSC may itself make a determination to cancel games based on the following minimum criteria.
a) 60% of our total field count must be deemed "covered in water".
b) Determination will be made by a PYSC representative making an in person analysis between 12 PM and 4 PM on each day in question.

If a parent is uncomfortable with the weather or field conditions, they may request that their child leave the field. The coach will honor the parent's request to remove the child, immediately and without penalty. As a reminder, if you live or work outside the actual Village of Pulaski, the weather where you are may be different than what it is at the fields. If at any time there is a question if a game is to be played, the team must show up.
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