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General Questions about the League and Games

Q. What is PYSC stand for?
A. PYSC stands for Pulaski Youth Soccer Club. PYSC is made up of local volunteers that organize recreational soccer in the Pulaski School District under the banner of SAY.

Q. Who is SAY?
A. SAY stands for Soccer Association for Youth. SAY is located in Ohio and provides a wide array of services and support to PYSC. Their goal is “Kids Having Fun”.

Q. When will the season start?
A. Games typically start the Tuesday or Wednesday after Memorial Day for ages 4 through 11. Ages 12 through 18 are part of the regional league and will not start until the 2nd week of June.

Q. What nights will my child play?
A. If your child is 4 or 5, girls play on Tuesday and boys play on Wednesday. For ages 6 – 11, the boys play on Monday’s and Wednesday’s and the girls play on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. The game schedules for age 12 and up is set by our parent region (Baylakes) and could be any night of the week.

Q. Do boys and girls play on the same team?
A. No, in all age groups boys and girls will always play on separate teams.

Q. How are teams selected?
A. All teams are selected by a "blind draft".  Requests for friends or family members to be on the same team will not be honored.  The only exceptions are for co-coaches' and/or sponsor's children, and siblings of the same sex/age group who will be placed on the same team.

Q. When will my child’s team practice?
A. Practices will start sometime after May 1st. The actual practice times are at the discretion of the coach based upon the coach’s availability and the team’s ability to attend.

Q. Where will practices be held?
A. Practicing at PYSC fields before school is out can be difficult because of school functions. Your coach has been given a list of location ideas and actual locations are left to their discretion.

Q. Where are the games played?
A. Games are played behind Pulaski Community Middle School and are accessible from West Glenbrook Drive or the middle school parking lot.

Q. Where should I park my car?
A. During the school year parents, referees, and coaches should park their cars in the lot on West Glenbrook Drive.  You can than use the pedestrian bridge to gain access to the fields.  After school is out for the year, you can use the parking lots at the Pulaski Middle School or continue to park on West Glenbrook Drive.

Q. What times do the games start?
A. At ages 4 and 5 games will start at either 5:30pm, 6:15pm or 7:00pm.  For ages 6-11 games will start at either 5:30pm or 7:00pm.

Q. Where should I sit during games?
A. ALL spectators must sit on the opposite side of the field that the teams are located.  A parent or two may be asked to volunteer to help the coach on the side lines to manage the Children who aren't involved in the games.  Spectators should sit at least three feet from the side line.

Q. Why don’t we keep score at all age levels?
A. SAY soccer is about kids having fun. At the youngest ages, (4-7) having the coach, players and parents concentrate on winning games, tends to interfere with learning the game and having fun. This is a recreational league, there are soccer leagues that cater to a more competitive atmosphere. 

Q. How should parents conduct themselves during the games?
A. Encourage the children.  Cheer for both teams - "good job", "nice play"!  Please refrain from coaching the children from the sidelines, this is the coach's job and only confuses the children on the field.  At the end of a game, refrain from critiquing your child's performance, ask them if they had fun.  Refer to our handout on Parent Positive Coaching for more information.

Q. If it is raining out should I just keep my child home?
A. Soccer is a sport that is played in just about any weather condition. It most cases the games will be played. If PYSC feels it is unsafe for your child on the field, games will be cancelled. Please read and become familiar with our weather policy that spells these guidelines out in detail.

Q. My child’s game was cancelled, will it be made up?
A. Normally cancelled games are not made up. Space for makeup games is not always easy to find. If for some reason there is a game rescheduled you will be informed by your coach.

Q. Can I bring my dog to the game if I keep it on leash?
A. No Pets are allowed on school property.  Do not bring your pets to games.  It does not matter if the pet is on a leash or if you only intend to be on school property for "a few minutes".  The Village of Pulaski has an ordinance restricting dogs from any village park. All school districts in the state also restrict animals from being on school property. PYSC as a club has a restriction that dogs are not allowed at any PYSC sponsored function. Anyone bringing a dog into the game area may be turned in to the Village Police for an ordinance violation.

Q. May I smoke in the area of the games if I step away from the field?
A. Smoking, along with the possession of alcohol and drunkenness, is not permitted on school property or at any PYSC sponsored event.

Q. Who do I contact if I have questions?
A. Prior to the season you may direct questions to any of the board members. They will be able to answer your questions or get your question directed to the appropriate person. During the season your first option should be your coach. If you coach doesn’t have the answer they have specific contact people available for their support.

Q. I need an answer to a question right away, can I get answers from the PACE office?
A. Do not contact the PACE office with any PYSC questions. They are very supportive of our program and help us in many ways, but, they do not have any direct interaction with our program and will only be able to direct you to PYSC volunteers for answers.

Registration Questions

Q. I don’t have time to go to registration, can I mail in my registration?
A.Registration is online.  You may register online and pay online or you may register online and mail a check.  We will also have a walk in registration where you will register online and either pay with credit card or write a check.

Q. How much does it cost for my child to participate?
A. Participation fees vary depending upon league age. 4-5 years old are $45. 6-11 year old are $55. 12-18 year old are $75.

Q. How do I determine my child’s league age?
A. The league age is calculated based on your child’s age on July 31st in the year of which the season is being played. Your child’s league age for the summer 2024 season is their age on July 31st, 2024.  Your child’s league age determines the league in which they will be placed. A child with a league age of 4 or 5 is under age six and thus would qualify as U6.

Q. I don’t have the money for the registration fee at this time, can I pay at a later date?
A. Arrangements for special circumstances must be made with the league president prior to registration. Outside of these arrangements, you may not register your child without the appropriate fees.

Q. I want to coach a team, will I be able to coach my child?
A. If you coach a team in the age bracket your child is in, your child will automatically be placed on the team you coach.

Q. Can I request to have my child on a team with her friend?
A. SAY rules dictate that teams be created randomly. Given that, no requests to play on a certain team or with a certain other player can be accepted.

Q. We missed registration, can I still get my child on a team?
A. If you missed registration, you will be placed on a waiting list.

Q. When can we expect our child to be removed from the waiting list and placed on a team?
A. Waiting list players can be placed on teams at any time. They are placed as the need arises, for the purpose of balancing team size and replacing players that decide not to play. The deadline for team additions is the end of the first full week of games.

Q. Why hasn’t my check cleared the bank yet?
A. Depositing of checks from registration is normally done within two weeks of the date. If for some reason PYSC is accepting a check from you after registration, it may take up to two months for these checks to be balanced and processed.

Q. My child is not going to be able to play, can I get a refund of the registration fees?
A. After the teams are formed, registration fees are sent to SAY. Refunds are only available prior to PYSC making this payment. The deadline for refunds is April 1st.

Q. I haven’t heard from my child’s coach yet, should I be worried?
A. Most coaches do not receive their rosters until April 31st. Do not expect to hear anything before May 1st. You may start to inquire with the league if you have not heard anything by May 8th.

Equipment Questions

Q. What size ball does my child need?
A. Ages 4-7 play with a size 3 ball. Ages 8-11 play with a size 4 ball. Ages 12 and up play with a full size ball (size 5).

Q. What is an appropriate shin guard?
A. A shin guard is a protective device worn on the lower leg. Its purpose is to distribute impact upon being kicked in the leg. A shin guard needs to have a rigid plastic front, a thick pad on the leg does not offer enough protection by itself and will not be allowed.

Q. My child’s socks only cover half of their shin guards, is that good enough?
A. For everyone’s safety, the shin guards must be fully covered at all ages. If your child isn’t wearing shin guards or doesn’t have them fully covered they will not be able to play.

Q. Does my child need to have soccer shoes?
A. Soccer cleats are not required at any age, regular tennis shoes are acceptable. However, soccer cleats do help with slipping on the field, especially in wet conditions.

Q. Can my child use their baseball shoes to play soccer?
A. No. Baseball shoes have an extra stud at the very tip of the toe. This extra stud is very dangerous if you get kicked with it. If you remove this extra stud and the area is smooth, you will have just converted your baseball shoe to an acceptable shoe for soccer.

Q. My child just got their ears pierced, can the starter earrings be left in during play so the holes don’t close up?
A. All jewelry must be removed during game play, including starters (taping is not an alternative). If a player enters the game with jewelry, the game will be stopped and the player must leave the playing field until removal is completed.

Bay-Lakes Questions

Q. What is the Bay-Lakes League?
A. Bay-Lakes is the regional governing body for the Brown County area. They pool the teams from around the area, create game schedules and manage the season for the players ages 12 and up.

Q. Why don’t we manage our own teams games in these age groups?
A. The need for larger team sizes, and teenagers having more commitments in life as they get older, make it hard to put together enough teams at an individual age group to give them any variety of opponent. It is not uncommon for us to only have one or two teams in an age group.

Q. What ages are grouped together at this level?
A. For Boys and Girls the age groupings are 12-14 and 15-18. 

Q. When does the season start?
A. The season is normally one to two weeks later than our local games. High School players cannot start until their school soccer season has completed, so the games start as those seasons end.

Q. When will my child’s team practice?
A. Practices will start sometime after May 1st. The actual practice times are at the discretion of the coach based upon the coach’s availability and the team’s ability to attend.

Q. Where will practices be held?
A. Practicing at PYSC fields before school is out can be difficult because of school functions. Your coach has been given a list of location ideas and actual locations are left to their discretion.

Q. When nights are the games played?
A. Games are scheduled Monday through Thursday. They are unable to commit to certain nights as we do locally.

Q. Where are the games played?
A. Approximately half of our games are considered home games and will be played at our fields in Hobart or Pulaski. The away games will be played at the home field of the opponents we are assigned.

Q. What times do the games start?
A. Games will start at either 5:30pm or 7:00pm.

Q. What teams will we play against?
A. The current organizations in our area are; Allouez, Ashwaubenon, DePere, Green Bay Kickers (west), Green Bay Strikers (east) and Pulaski. We will play against their teams that are assigned to our division. We may also play against other PYSC teams that may be assigned to our division.

Q. How will we get our game schedule?
A. Your coach will make sure you have a game schedule. It will also be posted to the PYSC website just as our other teams are. The most current information will always be available on the Bay-Lakes website.

Q. Will we keep score?
A. All Bay-Lakes games will be scored and league standings will be kept.

Q. How can we check on our teams standings?
A. All game scores and division standings are posted to the Bay-Lakes website on a regular basis.

Q. Is there any reward for being in first place at the end of the season?
A. There is no reward for being in first place directly. But the top tier of teams will play in the Tony Litt Tournament.

Q. What is the Tony Litt Tournament?
A. The Tony Litt Tournament is played over a weekend at the end of July and the participants are taken from the upper tier of the standings at the end of the season.

Q. Being there will be more emphasis on winning, will the best players get all the playing time?
A. No, the region adheres to the same playing time rules PYSC does. Fifty percent playing time is mandated.

Q. How will we be notified if games are cancelled?
A. Bay-Lakes has their own notification system just as PYSC has. Be sure to go to the Bay-Lakes website and sign up so you don’t miss any notifications.

Q. My child’s game was cancelled, will it be made up?
A. Being that games played help decide standings for the season, the goal is to make up all missed games if possible. Your coach will notify you.

Q. What is the website address of the Bay-Lakes region?
A. The website address is and a link is also available on the PYSC ‘s website on the links page.

PYSC Post-Secondary Education Scholarship

The PYSC Scholarship shall be awarded to high school senior(s) entering a post-secondary educational program at an accredited post-secondary educational program after graduation.  The purpose of this award is to recognize individuals who have been active in Pulaski Youth Soccer Club and have given back to the community and to the club.

Applications will be screened by the PYSC Scholarship Committee. Scholarship committee will be formed at the April PYSC board meeting and will consist of a minimum of three members.  Only current, active PYSC Board Members can be selected to serve on the PYSC Scholarship Committee.  A parent, relative or family member of a scholarship applicant cannot serve on the PYSC Scholarship Committee.

A maximum of five scholarships may be awarded annually; the total of the PYSC scholarship awards will not exceed $1,500.00. The number of scholarships awarded and the amount of each scholarship shall depend on the quantity and quality of the applicants, and the financial condition of the PYSC treasury. The decision of the PYSC Scholarship Committee shall be final.

A Qualified Applicant
  • Graduating Senior from a Pulaski or surrounding area high school (or equivalent program) pursuing their education at an accredited post-secondary institution.
  • Involved in PYSC Soccer program
    • Actively involved in PYSC activities at least two of the past three years, with preference given to applicants with more involvement.
    • Qualifying activities may include:
      • Player
      • Official (Referee, Field Marshal)
      • Volunteer (coach, registration, equipment, etc.)

  • February 1       Application is open to eligible applicants.  Application available via Pulaski High School Web site and on PYSC Web site
  • April 15             Application due (to PYSC PO Box)
  • May                   Announced at Pulaski High School scholarship program (or equivalent)

The recipients of the scholarship will be notified in early May. The award will be made in the following January upon submission of satisfactory college first semester grades.  Grades will be submitted to the President of PYSC.

Scholarship is not renewable or transferable. 

Scholarship application is available on-line on the PYSC website and at the Pulaski High School Guidance Office website. And application must be mailed to:

PYSC – attention Scholarship Committee
PO Box 162
Pulaski, WI 54162

Scholarship Application Downloads
Scholarship Instructions Letter (Ms Word)
Scholarship Application (PDF)
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