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Equipment Questions

Q. What size ball does my child need?
A. Ages 4-7 play with a size 3 ball. Ages 8-11 play with a size 4 ball. Ages 12 and up play with a full size ball (size 5).

Q. What is an appropriate shin guard?
A. A shin guard is a protective device worn on the lower leg. Its purpose is to distribute impact upon being kicked in the leg. A shin guard needs to have a rigid plastic front, a thick pad on the leg does not offer enough protection by itself and will not be allowed.

Q. My child’s socks only cover half of their shin guards, is that good enough?
A. For everyone’s safety, the shin guards must be fully covered at all ages. If your child isn’t wearing shin guards or doesn’t have them fully covered they will not be able to play.

Q. Does my child need to have soccer shoes?
A. Soccer cleats are not required at any age, regular tennis shoes are acceptable. However, soccer cleats do help with slipping on the field, especially in wet conditions.

Q. Can my child use their baseball shoes to play soccer?
A. No. Baseball shoes have an extra stud at the very tip of the toe. This extra stud is very dangerous if you get kicked with it. If you remove this extra stud and the area is smooth, you will have just converted your baseball shoe to an acceptable shoe for soccer.

Q. My child just got their ears pierced, can the starter earrings be left in during play so the holes don’t close up?
A. All jewelry must be removed during game play, including starters (taping is not an alternative). If a player enters the game with jewelry, the game will be stopped and the player must leave the playing field until removal is completed.
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